I can't control the wind
but I can adjust the sail.

What is Get out on the water?

Ontario Sailing and ROWONTARIO have created a fun barrier free day which will give you a chance to try sailing and rowing, no matter what experience you have being on the water.

The provincial wide day Saturday, June 25th 2016 will be an all-day event where you get to learn the basics of each sport along with a tour of your local sailing or rowing club.

Who can participate?

ANYONE! We encourage you to try the sports on your own, with friends, or bring the whole family along.

There are no age restrictions and accommodations can be made for any other limitations you may be worried about.

What you need to bring?

Bring your desire to learn something new. Rain or shine June 25th 2016 you will get the chance to try your hand at either or both water sports subject to your desired location.

Water is involved so please wear something which can get wet, and with that we suggest a towel or 2.

Get out on the water today

Try it today!
“ I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. “

Jimmy Dean